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10/10/2016 6:27 pm  #1

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. John Paul Young...

Is that love I smell? Well, there's something fishy about that girl anyway. She visibly reacted when Lurvy was reporting to Loomis about his suspicion that Bob and Roonas were Seekers from the Hero School at Mandarla. Why? Perhaps she's already met Roonas in her past (his future) and knew he was coming to the circus at some point? I'm saying yeah.

Also, I'm gonna go on the record right here and make a prediction (not a lot of those anymore given how almost everything's been explained or revealed); Yes/No-Girl is an ancestor of Queen Luz. Mother, grandmother, perhaps great-grandmother. Also, I'd say there's at least a 40% chance that Roonas becomes her baby-daddy, making him an ancestor to Queen Luz as well.

So how does the Queen (princess?) of the Human race find herself as an indentured servant to a circus boss? (Note to Sacredbob: it's "indentured", not "endentured".) I can think of a number of possibilities. One: she's being kept hostage or was somehow kidnapped by Loomis & Co. and is part of the shady circus business he referenced on page 43. Two: She skipped out on her royal duties to go on a space adventure incognito, only she got herself in some trouble (Bob+Roonas-related trouble perhaps?), ending up in the clutches of some slavers who would have had worse things in mind for her if they knew her true identity, along comes Loomis who buys her without knowing who she really is. Three: She's not royal yet. The Monarchy of the Human race might be like the Monarchy of Naboo in Star Wars where a King or Queen is semi-elected to the office, and Yes/No-Girl hasn't had her rise to power just yet. 

That's my theory anyway. Regardless, I think it's cool that we finally have some mystery back in Sacred Pie again. 


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